Did Intelius Buy ZabaSearch

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If you’ve ever visited ZabaSearch, you’ll notice that almost EVERY link in their search results leads to Intelius:

Okay, the last link leads to US Search but as we know recently Intelius bought US Search for an undisclosed sum.

So what’s going on here? Is ZabaSearch secretly in love with Intelius? Or are they actually owned by them?

I’ve tried to find some news online for a possible purchase of ZabaSearch by Intelius but didn’t find any. I found something interesting, however. The whois records. Take a look at the whois record for ZabaSearch:

(source: DomainTools, full window is here)

Interesting, huh? The record was last updated on 01-Jul-10 which may suggest the purchase happened recently.

Now, take a look at the whois record for Intelius:

(source: DomainTools, full window is here)

Identical? Yes!

This seems like a solid evidence, but it is far from enough to conclude that ZabaSearch is now owned by Intelius. To get a better view, let’s take a look at the Whois history of Zabasearch.com (I’ve got a Gold Membership from DomainTools.com to obtain this information). According to the records, the domain transition happened somewhere between 1st and 2nd October in 2009. Here is the whois record for 1st October 2009:

This domain was previously owned by Robert Zakari who is one of the founders of ZabaSearch.

I think we can safely conclude that Intelius is now the owner of ZabaSearch. Not sure why they want to hide this though, they’re just a company providing a legitimate background check and people search services.