A Free Guide to Finding People

Welcome to FinderMind, a website offering free people search help. Learn how to find a person using the following steps:

1. Get Started Quickly With These FREE People Search Engines

The fastest way to get started is to take a look and use these 25 Free People Search Engines. Many of them get their data from many different online sources. This will give you a lot of relevant information to begin with.

Remember, finding people online requires both skill & luck. What I’m trying to do here is to increase the probabilityyou’ll find the information you’re looking for (whether it’s a name, phone number or an address) by providing you with easy ways to get access to relevant information quickly. These 25 engines are currently the best way to start if you don’t know anything on how to locate people on the internet.

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2. Understand How People Search Works

There are some basic concepts you need to grasp if you want to find someone’s full name/address/phone etc.

a) First, you can search for people by the following criteria:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Email address

You can also search by other criteria (like entering a property record into Google and getting more information on who owns that record) but these are the main 5 criteria people use when searching for someone. There are various reasons why people need these information (finding more information on a dating partner, checking whether a person is a criminal and so on.)

b) Before you start searching, find every relevant piece of information you can

For example, an old phone number can give you the name of the person who owns it and his previous location. You can then go and ask the neighbors if they know the current address of that person. You can do a lot of powerful things with a bit of creativity.

c) Google has the largest index of information in the world. Use it. This is a useful article to teach you how.

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3. Free Saves You Money, but Requires More Time

There are a lot of people-finder services that claim to help you find people for free, when in fact, all they do is redirect you to a paid background check / public records service. It is true that most of the information those services provide can be found for free (online or offline). What those services are good for, however, is saving you a lot of time. They aggregate data from many different (online and mostly offline) sources and put them in one easily accessible (usually cheap) database.

I highly recommend you do the following things before dealing with a paid people search provider:

a) Check their BBB Rating

b) Read what people say about them online. Just type their company’s name in Google (use quotes if the name is more than 2 words to get more relevant results, like “US Search” instead of US Search) and then select ‘Discussions’ from the left menu. This will usually give you genuine opinions, experiences and concerns of people on various forums/online communities.

I recently wrote a post on the top 5 background check companies, comparing their overall popularity and BBB rating.

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*Disclaimer: I hope you use the information here for good purposes (like finding a long-lost friend / family member / classmate, investigating someone suspicious etc.) I strongly discourage using the information here for immoral purposes. If you plan to do that, this site is not for you.