How to Search for Someone Using Their Email Address

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There are basically 2 ways to search for someone using their email address:

  • Using ‘common sense’
    • Using private data (which is not part of your ‘common sense’ 🙂 )

If I could give you one advice on finding someone by email, it would be: Utilize EVERY possible SEARCH ENGINE available!

For a start, take a look at these people search engines (they’re all free) and you’ll see that a lot of them have a ‘reverse email’ option. Wink, Spock and Spokeo are just some of them to start with. If you have multiple email addresses then just open multiple copies of the webpage because none of them supports bulk search.

Here are some more tips:

* Start by entering the email address into every major search engine (Google, Bing and Yahoo)
* Use (it’s the best free service of its kind) to search whether that email address has a social networking profile
* Take a look at the above link on people search engines and look for

Finding information on someone is a numbers game. You need to get started with as much data sources as possible and then go from there. I call it ‘creating opportunity’ or ‘generating opportunity’.

Warning: There are a lot of services that promise to offer ‘private listings’ of email addresses and help you find ‘any email address’…if you just pay them. So far, I don’t know of any ‘private’ database of emails. Those people are selling you the idea of unlimited information. They lie. So I don’t recommend paying for a service unless they tell you what you get upfront.

Feel free to look around this site for more information on finding people.