Do People Search using Social Security Number

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There’s been a lot of discussion on this subject. I’m here to share my extensive experience with you on doing a people search using someone’s SSN (or social security number.)

First and foremost, trying to find someone by their SSN is the most accurate ‘people search’ you can do. Why?

Let me ask you one thing…

How many people own a similar Social Security Number? Now, how many people own a similar FULL name? It’s a fact that a thing like SSN is unique for one person only.

This makes it easy for you to evaluate various ‘finder services’. Just enter the SSN, see if results appear and you’re done. No need to filter through duplicate names and so on like you would do if you were trying to find a person by a first/last name.

Generally, when doing this type of SSN search, there are 2 types of searches you can do:

* Finding deceased people (provided for free by Ancestry) where you can enter only the person’s SSN and see his name/address/date of birth and death and so on.
* Finding living people (which is probably what you’re trying to do), where you also need to enter the person’s LAST or sometimes his full name.

There are generally 2 ways to do the second type of search (for living people).

1. Use reputable background check services (for a small fee) like or
2. If it’s something URGENT and you need to reach the person urgently, I highly recommend you read this webpage (from the Social Security Administration).

Warning: While searching, you might have found some pages recommending various paid services. There are lots of scams out there when it comes to this industry…trust me. So if you’re dealing with a particular public record or background check company, please read the above post on the reputable background check services and the criteria I’ve used to evaluate them.

Good luck!